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Gargnano, 3.000 inhabitants, is one of the most important sailing centres on the eastern side of the lake; it was a fishermen’s village and a favourite summer resort during the XIX century. There are numerous Roman evidences, like the Roman gravestones in the Cloister of San Francesco. During the XI century Gargnano belonged to the Earls of Desenzano and in the XIV cent. Giovanni di Boemia gave it as a feud to the Earls of Castelbarco. In 1426, under the rule of Venice, Gargnano was the chief town of the area and it was also part of the Magnifica Patria. It was strongly damaged with cannon-balls in 1866, during the Third War of Independence. October 8th 1943, during the Second World War, Mussolini founded there the Repubblica Sociale, taking his residence in Villa Feltrinelli (San Faustino) and installing the General Headquarters in Villa Orsoline and the Presidential Seat in Bogliaco.